The Association of Romanian Operators in Organic Agriculture Bio Romania – Project Partner

The Association of Romanian Operators in Organic Agriculture Bio Romania – Project Partner

Association of Operators in Organic Farming Bio-Romania - Project Partner

Association of Operators in Organic Farming Bio-Romania is a Romanian legal entity of private law, non-profit, non-governmental and apolitical, independent. The association was founded in September 2008 in accordance with Government Ordinance no. 26/2000.Bio Romania was formed by merging 18 founding members: associations, cooperatives, companies, processors, exporters, universities and personalities in the field of organic farming. The association advocates for sustainable development of agriculture and the countryside Romanian, education, information and awareness of consumers on the benefits of organic farming both to human health and to the health of nature by promoting consumption of certified organic food.

Currently, Bio-Romania Association has over 300 members and was established since the date of incorporation that it becomes an inter-branch organization able to represent and uphold the interests of all operators practicing organic agriculture and promote organic products.

The association aims to identify operators of the same area, leaning through counseling, professional organizations on creating sectors (crop and animal production, processing, marketing, consulting and promotion).

Thus was created an organization capable to propose, discuss, negotiate and harmonize the interests of all members with the ultimate goal of development of organic farming and healthy eating through green products, environmental protection and consumer protection.

Goal, objectives and activities of the association

The aim of the Association is the development of Romanian organic agriculture by:

  • Promoting excellence in organic farming;
  • Increased competitiveness in the field of organic farming and sustainable rural development;
  • Harmonizing, representing and defending the interests of operators in organic farming, both nationally and internationally.

The main objectives of the association, internationally, are:

  • Representation of the organic farming sector in Romania in relations with associations, federations and unions international branch in the field by promoting the exchange of information, experience and publications of these and initiate programs to develop the organic sector;
  • Promoting the interests of association members in international economic cooperation and attracting foreign capital investment, direct or portfolio;
  • Affiliation to international organizations involved in organic agriculture and related

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