Title of the action: Information project for promotion of European basket of PDO/PGI and Organic Products in USA, Australia and Norway.

European Quality basket
- 101015725 concerns the promotion of European basket of PDO/PGI and Organic Products in USA, Australia and Norway from Bulgaria (organic juices), Romania (mix organic products) and Greece (PDO/PGI and organic products). Its specific objectives are to enhancing the image of European PDO/ PGI and Organic products and to increase existing level of exports, increasing the competitiveness and consumption of Union agricultural products and to raise their profile highlighting the specific features of food safety, traceability, authenticity labeling, nutritional and health aspects value and sustainability, increase the awareness of the merits of Union PDO/PGI and Organic products by the consumers and to increase their market share in the three target countries.

The project was submitted on 03.06.2020 for finance, according to the provisions of the CALL FOR PROPOSALS FOR MULTI PROGRAMMES 2020 – PROMOTION OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS.

The proposing organizations are:

European basket of PDO/PGI and Organic Products include the following:

  • Organic fruit juices (Bulgaria & Romania)
  • PDO&PGI Virgin Olive Virgin Olive oil (Greece)
  • PDO & Organic Cheese (Greece & Romania)
  • Organic PDO / PGI Wine (Greece & Romania)
  • Organic Meat (Romania)
  • Organic Coffee, Tea, Mate and Spices (Romania)
  • Organic Fresh strawberries, raspberries and blackberries (Romania)
  • Organic Sunflower oil (Romania)
  • Organic Walnut oil (Romania)
  • Organic Cereals (Romania)

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